The Team

TOBC’s founding members Jess and Marinette have joined forces to address issues experienced by many artists in the local music industry.

They have successfully orchestrated sold-out shows at Beyerskloof, hosted more than 20 artists on Backsberg’s stage, managed tours of national and international artists, assisted artists with registering at collecting societies and helped to schedule interviews for broadcasting.

Festivals they have worked on include Solms Delta Oesfees 2016, Woodcrock 2017, STRAB, Cape Town Getaway Show and the Zeegunst New Year’s Festival.

Jessica Botha

Touring / Design / Photography

Industry-born and rock ‘n roll-fed, our beloved artist liaison Jess knows all the tricks of the trade. She has been involved in the music scene as a promoter, events coordinator, photographer and graphic designer for more than a decade.

Events organised with her at the helm include: The Jim Morrison Tribute Show (2006/2007), The Janis Joplin Tribute Show (2006/2007),  The Otterlake Easter Fest (2013-2015) in support of Unite Against Poaching; Landmine Rock, a fundraiser for the de-mining organisation Mechem.  Her big heart has also encouraged her to run the charity leg of the STRAB Festival, in support of the orphanage Mamoli Mission in Mozambique. In 2015 she joined the Valve House family  and was in charge of online distribution and events management until Feb 2017.

Now, Jess is your go-to girl for all things related to production, industry info, design, photography, events & touring at That Other Booking Company.

Marinette Potgieter

Bookings / Press / Management 

Marinette entered the music scene as a journalist and music critic in 2009 at the age of 19, when she started writing for Stellenbosch University’s campus newspaper Die Matie. After her term as Arts & Social Editor of the paper, she completed her Honour’s degree in journalism at Stellenbosch University in 2013.

In 2016, after two years of working as a journalist, she took on a solo trip to Peru where she was planning to stay. However, fate called for her to take a marketing job at Valve House Studios only four months into her South America venture. This is where she met Jessica Botha, and the rest is history.

When Mary’s not surfing or marching around on festival terrains, she uses her writing knowledge to help artists enjoy the media exposure they deserve.  Contact Marinette  for all things related to bookings, press, radio-plugging & management at That Other Booking Company.