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In our short existence, we at TOBC have noted a significant gap in the music industry, which mainly exists between venues or events (providers), and musicians. Opportunities don’t always reach hard-working and deserving musicians because providers don’t always know how to get hold of, or negotiate with, artists. Similarly, artists don’t always know who to speak with at venues, or which routes to follow, to lock down a gig.

That’s where we come in.  At TOBC, we have developed ourselves to become a link between these opportunities and the artists, by building a strong network of venues and events throughout South Africa and offer to them a range of artists to suit their event, target audience and budget.

In the past, TOBC represented only a few artists and tried to line them up with the perfect opportunity. However, we soon learned that different artist have different needs, and so too do the different venues.  This is why we will always keep adding artists to the catalog on our website and keep adding venues to our database, to enhance the accessibility of artists to opportunities and vice versa.

TOBC also offers a range of additional services, like creating electronic press kits (EPKs) which artists need to send to possible providers, creating promotional artworks for events and planning national tours for performing artists.

If you are a venue in search of entertainment, or you are an artist interested in having your profile in our catalog, please send an email to

Here are some of the artists you can book through us. 

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